Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Easy Sewn Rabbit Carrier

Ok,so we got two baby rabbits and they are adorable !!! 

Anyways,blackie (at left ), and zacky (at right) ,wiggle a lot when they are cold,so.... I decided to make an easy sewn  bunny carrier !
So here is the pattern 

Bunny Carrier 

1.   Two long rectangular pieces of cloth (mine measured "66x30" inches ,so both could fit inside)

2.  Pins 
3.  Sewing machine (optional,you can hand sew )

Put both fabrics good side to good side, place pins and sew all the way around ,except for a small opening which will be used to turn fabric inside out .

Once you turn the fabric inside out sew the opening closed .
Fold the piece in half from top to bottom,and sew on the side of the fabric where the rabbits will go .

And wala , done !! 
Place the sewn edge on your neck like a pathfinders badge tie 

Enjoy !!

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