Thursday, July 4, 2013

Beginners knitting project

Hey everyone !!! I know there are people out there who are starting to knit and crochet ,so here is a beginners pattern :a knitted scarf

Beginners Knitted Scarf 


Size 10 us  knitting needles 
Lion Brand "homespun " , or other heavy worsted weight yarn

Cast on 20 stitches on your needles 
Row 1: Knit the entire first row
Row 2 and rest of rows: knit all stitches 

You are basically going to knit in garter stitch until desired length 

When you have knitted until your desired length cast off by knitting two stitches and passing the first stitch over the second stitch ,and then knitting the next stitch and passing the last stitch over the one you just knitted . Continue that across the row 

Cut the yarn and using a tapestry needle weave in your ends 

And you're done 

And if you sew the two sides together you can make a cowl 

So u choose which one :a cowl or a straight scarf 

Toodles !, 

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