Thursday, July 18, 2013

Emergency iPod touch case

I got an iPod touch  5th generation ( the new one), and I was worried it would scratched that I picked up yarn and a crochet hook and designed a pattern in a flash . Well anyways here it is 

Emergency phone case 

Worsted weight yarn 
Size J-10 crochet hook 

Make a slip knot a make a chain that Is as wide as your phone 
Chain 2 and make a half double crochet in the third chain from the hook , and in each chain across

When you reach the end of the chain , make another hdc in the same chain 
And turn the piece around . Make a hdc in the next chain and in each chain across  ;when you reach the end , make another hdc in the same chain. 

It should look like this :

Now you are going to keep making hdc in each stitch until you reach you desired length .finish off 
Weave on ends and you are done !!!

I added a little strap to weave in a stitch to close .
Use your creativity and customize !!
Enjoy !!!

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