Friday, January 31, 2014


Hey everybody!! Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch very well, school is stealing my time for blogging!!! Anyways,some people have been emailing me about the pictures from some of my posts,that for some weird reason doesn't show what I want the picture to show.....Anyways,I reported it to google so it's under repair ( I assume) ,but yeah I don't have other pictures from those posts,so if u guys made any of the projects just send the picture to me and I'll choose which one gets to be as the cover picture!!! Happy crafting!:)

Friday, September 27, 2013

New Project !!

So yesterday I showed you my newly finished bag .Well today ,I got bored (again) ,and a pattern slowly started forming in my mind ..... Well I wanna see if you can guess what is it . Here it is :
Can you guess ? That's right ,it's the Union Jack flag ,and it's gonna be a pillow !i just neede a small pillow , and I thought ,why not make it for history class ? Here is the chart I am using :

    I will be posting some more pics of when it is done !!

Enjoy ! 

Finished Project !

So as you probably know , I love bags ,purses .Whatever is called a purse I look for !
Well , I was browsing for a pattern ( too bored to start a huge project) ,and I came across a pattern called Fat Bag . So I got some yarn and a hook ,and got to work . Finally finished it and this is what is looks like :

I think it's cute ,don't you ! Tell me what you think ! 
The name of the pattern is : Fat Bag 
The original pattern is written in Portuguese ,but if you search for the pattern name ,there will be different pattern ,choose the second one .thats is .
Happy Crafting !! Toodles !

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Garden !

So this doesn't have anything to do with crafting and all that but I thought you might like to see this :
We grew tomatoes ! We got them as tiny plants for Mother's Day , and we thought they weren't going grow , but we watered them anyway with a ray of hope . Until we started seeing the plants grow little by little , and little flowers started to come up . Then we started seeing the little tomatoes coming out and what do you know ! We got tomatoes ! We got a lot more than is in the picture and they are really sweet . You probably don't know this but I happen to like tomatoes . A lot . So you can imagine when mom came with a bowl full of tomatoes I started eating them like crazy ! 
Well I better stop talking and start eating.
Toodles !! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy Vest

I like wearing vests . They keep me warm ,while I can still show off my new shirt .
The problem is I can never seem to find a good pattern can follow , so instead I searched for the best pattern I could find and rewrited it while knitting it .So here it is !!😋

Materials :
Size US 7 circular knitting needles 
Size US 6 set of double pointed needles ( you will only need three as you will knit in magic loop method for armhole ribbing )
Worsted weight yarn
Tapestry needle ( for weaving in ends )
Stitch markers ( very important )

Instructions :
Cast on 62 stitches on your size 7 use knitting needles 
K1 place marker (pm) k15 pm k30 pm k15 pm k1
Purl 1 row
Knit increasing either side of marker
Repeat last 2 rows until there are 9/31/46/31/9 stitches ending with a purl row
Knit to 1 stitch before marker, increase in next stitch
Cast off 30 stitches
Purl back stitches to 1 stitch before marker, increase in next stitch
Cast off 30 stitches,
Knit to end

Ok now we have to cast on stitches for the neckline in the front ,
Purl one row ,
and knit the next row ,and when you reach the end cast on 30 stitches and join in the round
Knit in the round until you reach your desired length of your vest 

When you have reached your desired length ,knit in 2x2 rib for half and inch 

Neckline ribbing:
Pick up stitches Across the neckline starting from the back neckline piece and pick up stitches ,working your way
To the front neckline piece And when done join in the round knit in 2x2 rib for half an inch

Armholes ribbing:
Pick up stitches around the armholes and join in the round . Knit in 2x2 rib for half an inch 
Repeat on second armhole 

Bottom ribbing : 

Pick up stitches around the bottom part of the vest and knit in 2x2 rib for one Inch 



Thursday, August 8, 2013

Easy Headband

I like headbands . They keep my ears warm, they look cute , but I just can't bring myself to buy one ,weather it's too big or too tight,too small or too colorful, so I decided to design one . So here it is .
Enjoy !

Materials :

Size 5.5 crochet hook 
Worsted weight yarn 
Tapestry needle

hdc : half double crochet , yarn over, insert hook into stitch , pull up a loop , yarn over and pull loop through all three stitches

Chain 10 , hdc in third chain from hook and into every chain of the row 

Rows 2-9 : Chain two and hdc into every stitch of the row 

Row 10: Chain two and hdc two into the same stitch in the begging stitch , hdc in every stitch till one stitch before the end of the row , make two hdc into same stitch 

Row 11: repeat row 10 as many times as you want to ( the more increases you make the wider the headband will be ; I repeated row 10 two times )

Once you have increased as many stitches as you want , crochet rows crocheting evenly ( meaning with no increases ) until it wraps around your head , but stop crocheting 1 -1 1/2 before it reaches the middle of your back ( neck part ) 

Next row : decrease as many rows as you increased like so : yarn over, insert hook in to stitch , pull up a loop, yarn over insert hook into the next stitch , pull up a loop , yarn over and pull through all loops on hook . Make one decrease at the beginning and at the end of the row . You should end up with 8 stitches at the ends of the last decrease row . 

Next row: Chain 2 hdc in each stitch in the row . Continue for 4 rows . Finish off 

Sew both ends together , weave in all ends and you done !!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Crocheted Bag

So ... As you probably know , I like carrying a bag with me , but I can never find one that is just right for carrying my projects in , so... I went on YouTube searched for a bag video and I found one .!! Thank Bobwilson123 for the awesome bag !!😊

It's called the cluster bag 
You can search for it in YouTube 
Toodles !!!

( sorry for not having a picture ,I have reported a bug in my blog ,it should be resolved soon )